Segun Awofiranye


Segun Awofiranye is a results-driven and highly accomplished senior banker with a strong credit and treasury management background, who has demonstrated expertise in leading high-performing teams, developing innovative strategies, and delivering exceptional financial outcomes. He is adept at navigating complex financial landscapes, analyzing risks, and making informed decisions to optimize profitability while staying committed to fostering long-term client relationships and providing strategic financial guidance. Segun is a collaborative leader with excellent team-building skills and a passion for motivating high-performing teams and driving organizational growth. Segun has extensive experience in managing credit portfolios, evaluating creditworthiness, and mitigating risk. Proficient in implementing credit policies, conducting due diligence, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Skilled in optimizing treasury functions, including cash management, liquidity planning, and investment strategies. His proven track record of developing and executing strategic initiatives to enhance profitability and achieve business objectives is commendable. Segun has spent a significant portion of his corporate career at First Bank of Nigeria PLC, holding diverse strategic positions after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and an MBA in Finance from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. With a proven track record of success in credit and treasury management, he is poised to contribute his expertise and drive continued financial excellence for any organization, a key attribute that has earned him boardroom positions in different organizations. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is a lifelong learner and a dedicated advocate for personal and professional development. Segun continuously seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge, stay abreast of industry trends, and embrace innovation in the ever-evolving financial landscape