Samuel Amuelazubuike

Head, Business Management and Strategy

Samuel is a highly accomplished finance and investment professional with over 12 years of experience in the industry. His diverse roles as a Financial Advisor at ARM, Regional Manager at Transsnet Financials, and Regional Sales Manager at FSDH Asset Management Limited have showcased his expertise in financial advisory, sales management, and leadership. With an astute understanding of market trends and meticulous attention to detail, Samuel excelled in crafting personalized investment plans that aligned with clients' unique needs and risk tolerances. His exceptional leadership capabilities and dynamic problemsolving approach were instrumental in establishing Transsnet Financials as a prominent player in the finance and tech industry. As the former Regional Sales Manager at FSDH Asset Management Limited, Samuel demonstrated outstanding sales management skills, surpassing targets and generating revenue growth both individually and through his team. His strong communication and negotiation abilities, along with a deep understanding of market dynamics, solidified long-lasting client relationships and exceeded performance expectations