Core Asset Management


Fixed Term Investment Portfolio (Naira & Dollar)

Our Fixed Term Investment Portfolio is a product that invests almost exclusively in money market instruments of Nigerian Corporate entities on behalf of clients. This provides investors with the opportunity to invest in diversified, high yield, carefully selected corporate and government investment products such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Corporate debt notes, and other Money Market Instruments.

With Fixed Term Investment Portfolio, return on investment is subject to a placement bond and investment tenure. All funds are guaranteed by Core Asset Management.

Minimum Investment: 1Million Naira

High Yield Fixed Income Investment 

Our High Yield Fixed Income Investment is a collective investment solution that invest in high yielding fixed income securities and alternative investments to give our clients a competitive return on their investment.

Mutual Funds

Our Mutual Funds are investment entities that pool money from several investors with the aim of investing in diversified financial instruments such as TBills, Bonds, Shares, etc. The investors hold a participatory interest and share the risk and benefits of investment in proportion to their participatory interest in the portfolio. By investing in Mutual funds, investors are assured of Diversification, Liquidity, Annual Income (Dividend), and Professional Management

Portfolio Management Service

We offer our clients both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management service, working with them to structure bespoke portfolios with due consideration for their risk appetite, investment horizon, and timing of cash flow needs to ensure that their investment objectives are met.

Depending on our client’s preference, we either have full discretion to take investment decisions on the portfolio of work with our client to take joint investment decisions for a non-discretionary mandate.